Ethics & Morality



Vegan is being kind to animals, all animals, including Humans! This is one of the main reasons that at times we may get frustrated at people who view veganism simply as someone else's views when everyone wants to live in as much peace and prosperity as possible!  


We live in a society that provides us with everything we need and want in terms of food, nutrition and materials without having to enslave and murder innocent children and their parents. Veganism is NOT a diet, but an ethical view on life that in its meaning is about being kind to animals.⁣ 


Most people are so driven by societal conditioning that they live on autopilot when it comes to thinking and acting morally towards non-human animals. This is not surprising because we are all born into a system that teaches us certain actions which we perceive as a truth, that we then maintain out of necessity, habit and normalisation (such as using violence).⁣

Only a few dare to think further and act differently, because certain experiences or events show them a glimpse of what is happening out there.⁣ It is a step, a rebellious act to go against the system, against emotional attachments, against the current of society and its immoral actions and its hypocrisy.

Although we are born into certain systematic constructs and patterns of "aligned actions and learned morality", we are independent thinking and feeling individuals who understand morality and ethics and can learn empathy.⁣ We can imagine how it must be to live in the place of another living being and therefore can decide whether we consider it ethical or not. ⁣

The question is always whether we would want what is done to animals to be done to us? To be used without autonomous consent, to be tortured, exploited, and murdered.⁣ Each day we can give, feel and spread love to all animals instead of hate and cruelty by choosing justice, love, and empathy, by choosing to think, reflect and act a certain way. By choosing Vegan. ⁣





Around 70% of the Amazon Rainforest has been destroyed for animal agriculture, with only 7% that of deforested land being used for plants that will be eaten by humans. The remaining 93% of crops grown in the Amazon Deforested are to feed animals (WWF, 2020).

Globally, 75% of all agricultural land is used to raise and feed animals and for every kilo of cow flesh (beef) you need 25 kilos of plant feed! And before you cry "but grass fed beef, more than 98% of meats are produced in factory farms (AWFW, 2015).

Animal agriculture is responsible for 15% of Green House Gas emissions (Kristiansen, 2020), that is more than all the various transport COMBINED! Furthermore, methane (from cow farts) is far more than the Carbon Dioxide from fossil fuels.

Killing animals for food is killing is all! You say that you love your children, but you are stealing their future in front of their very eyes. Your decision to eat meat is ensuring that you and your children are going to live in a world that is spiraling out of our control.

WHAT YOU EAT MATTERS! Adopting a plant based lifestyle is our only solution that will guarantee our survival. It's not boring, it's not tasteless, it's not difficult and it definitely will not break our climate and civilisation!


Animal Testing



One of our fundamental beliefs as human beings, even if we'd like to think otherwise, is that might makes right. That is everyone's go to justification when rationalising how we treat animals.


"We are at the top of the food chain"... "That's what predators do"... "God gave them to us to use/eat"... "We matter more than them"...


We, as a species, lack the very basic understanding of the responsibility that we have towards others, nature and the environment as the dominant species on the planet. With great power comes great responsibility, remember?? We believe wholeheartedly that we have the right to do onto other species as we please just because we are dominant.


Especially so when it comes to medical research, we impose on millions horrors we can't even begin to imagine for the sake of "research". We completely ignore what are the costs to our medical advances and where as some might be justified, as in cases of major diseases and illnesses, in many more cases it is completely unacceptable. 


How is it that researchers are allowed to test chemicals and deprive others of sleep, food, water, company, love and families just so they can understand humans better?? What kind of twisted and cruel logic is that?? Some argue that such research is too cruel and dangerous to be done on humans. If you are rightly concerned about other people's welfare, than why do you not care about non-human animals who we know that they feel the same way we do??


We like to believe that we are "civilised" and not a "bunch of wild animals running around". If so than it is time to act civilised and not live with the laws of the jungle... If something is too cruel/dangerous to be done on someone you care about, than don't delegate it to someone you don't. It's time we start treating others the way we want to be treated ourselves.