Game Changers Movie Night



Animal Liberation Malta & RAW Yoga Studio collaborated to bring you an exclusive screening of the groundbreaking documentary, 'The Game Changers' followed by a Q&A session where participants could ask a panel of health/nutrition experts any questions they had.  


Vegan Prism was part of this panel.  


Free Vegan popcorn, drinks and snacks were available at the studio to participants or they could bring their own together with blankets and bolsters were placed on the floor for everyone to sit on and get comfortable.  


Friday 6th March 2020, 19:30, RAW Yoga Studio, Pieta'


ALL proceeds from the event went on towards helping animals.  


MCAST Ethics Screening


MCAST Youth Hub & Agenzija Zaghzagh invited Vegan Prism to give a presentation highlighting the immoral and unethical aspect to the consumption of Meats and Dairies. 


We screened a documentary at the MCAST Youth Hub, Paola, that will showed nothing more or less than RAW TRUTH. All practices exposed in the documentary follow EU wide accepted and standard practices of raising, transporting and slaughter of billions of innocent, sentient beings who go through hell for your taste buds! 


Thursday 20th February 2020, 11:00, MCAST Youth Hub, Paola


The screening of this graphic film was intended to make people aware of what has to happen to have meat, cheese & eggs in our menus. All of the footage used was gathered from EU Certified UK Facilities that provide Meat & Dairy products across Europe and Beyond.


Plant Based Babies



Vegan Prism had invited vegan mother Majbritt Kristensen, to a discussion about ins and outs of how parents can, and should, raise their children vegan from birth. "Set your baby up for successful, life-long relationship with food!" was the slogan for the event and topics discussed included the critical nutrients your baby needs to thrive and how to easily incorporate them into a plant-based diet and everything else a parent needs to support your baby’s feeding journey.


Following the discussion, which was attended by a substantial number of parents and expectant parents, the floor was handed to the audience who helped generate an interesting conversation about the struggles and benefits of raising plant based children in Malta.


Thursday 7th November 2019, 19:00, Balance Bowl, Gzira 


All proceeds went on towards the Noah's Arc Dog Sanctuary.


Discussing Obesity



Vegan Prism was invited to the Ministry for the Family, Children's Rights & Social Solidarity in Valletta to give a lecture about fighting obesity by using a Plant-Based Lifestyle.


The lecture included topics such as, Health as a lifestyle rather than a diet, the risks of Meat, Fish & Dairy, cooking with oils, Alternative Meats, Cheeses and Milks, the benefits of Home Cooking, the benefits of an Active Plant Based Lifestyle and more. The lecture emphasised how great things never come from your comfort zone and that being healthy is a goal worthy of working towards.


All nutritional information was provided by our very own Roberta Farrugia S.N.H.S. Dip. (Holistic Nutrition), with studies also being referenced from the work of Dr. Gregor, the plant based doctor on


Thursday 19th October 2019, 19:00, Ministry for the Family, Children's Rights & Social Solidarity, Valletta