Vegan Business Consultants



Your Private Chef for that Special Occasion


Private Dinners, In-Home Cooking Demos, Workshops & TV Shows


With over 20 years of being plant-based herself and an ITEC Qualified Complimentary Therapist in Diet & Nutrition, I specialise in preparing and styling the perfect in-home dining experience.


Zeal private chef services are intimate, personal and customised. They allow you to serve an elegant meal in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Hiring a private chef is an easy alternative to the stress of planning and preparing special meals on your own. As you will see from my private catering menu, Zeal has a variety of exquisite dishes to choose from. From private romantic dinners for two, to in-home demos to TV shows, Zeal puts my unique personal touch on each event.


Reserve Zeal, then sit back, relax, and let the food come to you!


Vegan Restaurant Consultant


For restaurants, I can develop menus and offer an analysis of recipes to find easy options that are delicious and fit what is already available in the kitchen as well as is consistent with the rest of the menu. I can demystify ingredients and help businesses understand what is and is not vegan, as well as identify areas of food prep that might be overlooked by restaurants but are (easily remedied) deal breakers to many vegans together with showing you how to create and market plant-based menu items anyone would like to order, not just vegans.


Moreover I can identify ways to promote to your local vegan niche or launch a national campaign, as well as help your brand with everything you need for a successful launch, from logos to branding to developing a social media plan.


Contact us and benefit from a 30-minute FREE consultation. 



Sustainability Consultancy


Workshops & Project Design & Management


As the third decade of the twenty-first century dawns the issue of sustainability is becoming more and more central to our Governmental, Commercial and Personal agendas. These have all become even more pressing with the effects of Climate Change becoming more and more apparent with each passing season.


Sustainability is more than a box to tick on your to do list, it is a philosophy to live by and with which one leads their life. I will guide you to adopt this Philosophy together with the hands on practical changes you can do to become a more Sustainable Organisation. 


Motivational Vegan Speaker


Lectures, Public Speaking & Educational Awareness


Not everyone comes to this realization on their own, which is why I have dedicated my life to helping others make the connection between their food, the animals and its effect on the planet. I have spoken at the Private Companies, Governmental Departments, University Campuses and on numerous TV & Radio Stations, and my talks are tailored to those who “are living in ignorance,” as I was, prior to going vegan no matter the size of the audience.


Through Lectures, Tutorials, Workshops and One-to-One Consultancy being Sustainable has never been more achievable!


Begin your journey towards a Holistically Better Future!